We are a multi-specialty dental office in the Rancho Santa Fe, specializing in orthodontics and pediatrics. Our bi-specialty practice offers the most comprehensive dental care for your child. Our office includes an orthodontist and a pediatric dentist that are dedicated to bringing a healthy and beautiful smile to your child.

At Kupiec Orthodontics and Pediatric Dentistry, we will care for your child in a positive and comfortable environment. We love to create a positive experience and give a lifetime of good oral habits. It is our goal that your first visit to our office is a pleasant experience. Therefore, we have set up our office to be welcoming and safe. Most importantly, the doctors place an emphasis on the doctor/patient relationship, and our team works with you to maintain that open communication.

Experienced Professionals

The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that your child visit a dentist within six months of the first tooth erupting. We will provide information and anticipatory guidance to help prevent cavities and give you the tools for your child’s needs. We are happy to see children from birth through adolescence to help instill positive oral health habits. Our pediatric dentist will also provide your child with the needed dental care to identify any problems before the initial evaluation with our orthodontist.

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that your child get an orthodontic checkup no later than seven years old. We can detect malocclusions as early as six years old, and these early orthodontic problems can affect your child’s dental health. Our orthodontist will provide orthodontic needs to children, teens and adults.

Multiple Treatment Options

  • Traditional Braces (Metal and Ceramic)
  • Invisalign® and Invisalign Teen®
  • In-Office Digital X-Rays and Imaging
  • TMJ Therapy
  • Professional Whitening